RW FanFest has paid for 13th February 2020

How long have you supported The Donna Louise and why does the charity have a special place in your heart?

RWFanfest has been supporting the hospice for the last 6 years, since its first fundraising event in Feb 2014. A full weekend of celebration was organised to mark Robbie’s 40th birthday and the money raised from this was given to the hospice. Since then, RWFanfest has continued to fundraise on behalf of the hospice, through Robbie’s fan circle and we have now raised over £90K through auctions, raffles, Robbie inspired merchandise and even climbing Snowdon at night! The hospice was chosen because of the connection to Robbie Williams – the fundraising, led by Amanda Bail and Rachael Wood, is done through his fan circle and he is a patron of the hospice. It’s a small way for his fans to give something back in his name.

What inspired you to Pay for a Day?

We are always fundraising for the hospice so when we knew we could pay for a whole 24 hours of care; we were determined to raise more money to be able to pay this. The hospice team do an amazing job and we know how much the hospice means to the children, young adults and families who have come to depend on its services.

How did you raise the money and is there anyone you would like to thank? We would like to give special thanks to Robbie Williams’s fans who continue to support RWFanfest various fundraising initiatives. We would also like to thank Robbie Williams and his management team for their continued support and encouragement. This money was raised from the sale of clothing, candles, calendars, Christmas decorations and a raffle of a signed Robbie disc.

Why is this particular day of importance to you?

It’s Robbie William’s birthday so it was the obvious date for us to choose!

What would you say to anyone also considering paying for a day?

Don’t hesitate, if you can do it, please do. The hospice need your support to keep on helping those in times of need.