Pay for a Day is a unique opportunity to pay for 24 hours of our hospice care – and give our children and families another precious day of support, in the many different forms that takes. You can raise the money on your own, in a team, through an organisation – or you can just simply make a donation. If you wish to fundraise, our team will be there to help you every step of the way; offering encouragement and expert advice. Once the money has been raised, you’ll be given the opportunity to pick your own day to pay for.

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Why choosing to pay for a day is so very brilliant

You can give 24 hours of incredible care, support and laughter to children with life-shortening conditions.

Despite being the only place in Staffordshire and South Cheshire that is able to provide the level of specialist care and support our families so desperately need, we receive less than 10% of our funding from government sources. To be able to continue to support local children and families, we must raise the other 90% through donations and fundraising. That is why your decision to Pay for a Day is so important to us.

You can choose any day – in honour of someone’s memory or a day of celebration for you

Every individual or company that chooses to Pay for a Day can choose their own specific day to dedicate to someone special. This could be a birthday of a loved one, or perhaps the anniversary of someone no longer with us. By Paying for a Day, you can remember them and celebrate their life by bringing joy to the many children we care for. For organisations, you may want to choose a day with personal meaning to your staff or customers.

Bringing joy and magic to inspirational children and families

The most important reason we can think of – bringing love and happiness to a child with a life-shortening condition. We cannot save the lives of the children that stay with us, but we can fill their days with precious memories. We know for certain your day will be filled with excitement, happiness, laughter and some days, at the end of a child’s journey – peace.


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