Every one of our children, young adults and families are our #ONEINAMILLION. We have promised to be there for them as long as they need us. But we can't do this without you. During this exceptional year, are you ready to do your #ONEINAMILLION fundraising thing?


Grand Total So Far

The incredible generosity of people like you amazes us every day. Every year, you do amazing things to raise the money that means we can be there every step of the way for our children, young people and their families.

If you’ve never done something to support us before, if you’re a long-time supporter, a champion fundraiser or you just want to be part of our #ONEINAMILLION year, now’s the time. Whether it’s holding a bake sale, a dress down day, signing up for a fun run or marathon, climbing a mountain, holding a charity ball or simply collecting your pennies, now’s the time to raise some money.

Big or small, brave or bonkers, wonderful or wacky – do your #ONEINAMILLION Fundraising thing and help us raise the money we need. Our Fundraising Pack is full of ideas to get you doing your #ONIEINAMILLION fundraiser. Whatever you choose to do, one thing is for sure – you’ll be making a difference to children, young people, and their families, that rely on The Donna Louise.