This July a group of dedicated fundraisers will take on the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon throughout the night, to raise money for children and young people with life-limiting conditions.

For the third year The Donna Louise’s ‘Snowdon at Night’ challenge will see a team of early-bird supporters set off from base camp at midnight, climbing to the summit in complete darkness, with only their head torches to light the way.

The group will set off just before midnight on 27th July, aiming to reach the summit in time to watch the magical sunrise on 28th July. After admiring the views, taking a few photos and giving each other a huge pat on the back, the walkers will return to base camp to celebrate with a well-deserved breakfast.

Challenge Event Manager, Zoë Gregory, explained, “This is our third Snowdon at Night challenge. Last year 64 people took part in the trek, it was a fantastic night and between them our climbers raised almost £20,000, which is just brilliant. Having done the challenge myself I know that it’s tough-going, as it’s so dark, but it’s such a thrill when you reach the summit.

“While this is a tough challenge, it’s nothing compared to the ongoing battles faced by the families who rely on The Donna Louise. They face epic challenges on a daily basis as they juggle medications, hospital appointments and everyday activities, often on very little sleep. By taking part in our Snowdon at Night challenge you’ll be ensuring these families continue to receive support from The Donna Louise when they need it the most.”

Anyone interested in the challenge can contact Zoë at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 01782 654444 for more information.