Three young siblings, whose families spend time at The Donna Louise, have written and published their first novel.

During the summer holidays the three youngsters, Ella Harrison and sisters Roxy & Lexi Smart, spent time at Keele University working with Dr Yvonne Skipper, Lecturer in Psychology, to write the mystery story. This is part of the “White Water Writers” project which gives groups of young people the chance to collaboratively write and publish their own full length novel in just five days. The girls came up with the storyline, developed the characters and even illustrated the novel themselves, and now their first book has been published and is available to buy on Amazon!

Titled, “WHERE IS SHE?” the book is a mystery story about sisters who are lost in a jungle. To get home they must find special, enchanted stones, and beat the evil Dark Master. It’s a great read for children and parents alike.

Dr Yvonne Skipper said, “The girls really got a lot out of the week. They built their confidence, learned team work skills and had a lot of fun. Watching them come up with ideas for the story, develop the characters and plot was so interesting. The end product is a thrilling read, and something the girls should be very proud of.”

Dr Skipper will join Roxy, Lexi and Ella at The Donna Louise on Friday 26th October for an exclusive book launch. The girls will read extracts from their book to other children, parents and staff at the Hospice.

The Donna Louise supports the whole family and offers a whole host of activities for siblings. Jane Thorne, Sibling Support Lead at The Donna Louise, said, “In a family where there is a child with complex medical needs, their brothers and sisters can often feel left out and lonely, as their parents are naturally focused on hospital appointments, medications and the needs of the poorly child.

“We support siblings of all ages with loads of fun activities including group sessions, workshops, sleepovers and day trips. This support helps to increase their confidence and encourages them to recognise how they’re feeling and when to ask for help. Most importantly it gives siblings an opportunity to make new friends and just have fun.”

“WHERE IS SHE?” is now available to buy on Amazon, under the pseudonym T M Cooks. With just 70 days until Christmas, and priced at just £4.18, it’s the perfect stocking filler for children of all ages.

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