We’re really excited about our 10th Anniversary Ball, not only because it’s one of our favourite events, but because it’s taking place during an exceptional and extraordinary year for us.

As we’re celebrating a decade of Donna Louise Balls, and our exceptional fundraising year, the location of the Ball, on Friday 8th June, has been top secret for almost a year.

Event Manager at The Donna Louise, Zoë Gregory, said, “We know that our 600 guests have been waiting to discover where this year’s Annual Ball will be held so we are delighted to reveal the location that this year’s spectacular event will take place at The China Halls, Spode - the first time it has ever been used for such an occasion!”

“The China Halls are a very unique place, until relatively recently used as the Spode factory. It’s at the very centre of the heritage and history of the Potteries and we are so excited to be able to use and share this incredible. We will be immersing ourselves at the very epicentre of this historic building, really left largely untouched since its production days. The Spode site is set to go through a massive transformation over the coming years, so we are incredibly lucky to be able to use it before all this.”

For nearly 18 years, The Donna Louise has provided a lifeline to hundreds of families who are facing every parent’s worst nightmare, the heart-breaking knowledge that they will almost certainly outlive their child. Until recently, we weren’t able to support young people beyond their 19th birthday. So rather than a milestone to look forward to, approaching adulthood became a time of great stress and uncertainty for our families.

We therefore made a decision to boldly go where no hospice in our area has ever gone before and expand our services to include our teens as they become adults. We made a promise that we’ll be there for them for as long as they need us – and we will.

Construction of our new young adult facility, next to our existing children’s hospice, is well underway and we can’t wait to open the doors in late 2018. We’re embarking on an extraordinary and very exciting year for The Donna Louise as we aim to raise an additional £1 million to support our expanded services.

A small number of places are available for this year’s Donna Louise Annual Ball on Friday 8th June. For more information, or to book a place, contact the Fundraising Team on 01782 654444.