In 2015, a team of 24 set off from Tower Bridge in 2 boats and conquered a 7 day, 500 mile row across open water to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This intrepid group of travellers pushed their minds, bodies and spirits to the limit to raise over £300,000 to provide nursing care to children at The Donna Louise.

And now Tower to Tower is back - even tougher and more grueling than before!

Tower to Tower 2018 is a unique and gruelling challenge starting in the shadow of The Eiffel Tower in Paris and ending, 530 kilometres and 4 days later, at the iconic Tower Bridge in London.

Team Tower to Tower are the first ever to take on this epic challenge. It’s completely unique and completely special, just like each one of the children and young adults that rely on The Donna Louise for support.

Team Tower to Tower will push themselves harder than ever before as they embark upon an epic journey from Paris to London. The team will travel by bikes, by boats and on foot in 3 stages covering road, sea and country lane. Over these 4 long, long days, Team Tower to Tower will face severe fatigue, sleep deprivation, sea sickness, blisters, aching muscles and mental fatigue.

By pushing themselves to the limit, the team aim to raise awareness of the crippling sleep deprivation faced by many families as they care for a child with a life-limiting condition, and to raise funds to help them get the vital respite care they need. Many children and young people require round-the-clock care and sleep is an infrequent luxury for the parents and carers who look after them.

So why are we taking on this gruelling challenge?

Until recently we weren’t able to support young people beyond their 19th Birthday, so rather than a milestone to look forward to, approaching adulthood became a time of stress and uncertainty. We therefore made a decision to boldly go where no hospice in our area has ever gone before and expand our services to include our teens as they become adults. We made a promise that we’ll be there for them no matter where or when, for as long as they need us – and we will.

At the end of last year we announced exciting plans to build a purpose-built facility for our young adults on our existing site in Trentham. The funding for the new building is secured, but we now need to raise more money each year to be able to make the service itself happen – which is why Tower to Tower 2018 is so important.

The team will be made up of a mixture of celebrity faces and local business leaders and they will face this once-in-a-lifetime challenge between 28th - 31st May 2018

So, what will this epic challenge actually involve . . .

The first leg of the journey sees the team take to their bikes to cycle from The Eiffel Tower to the port of Le Havre, following the famous River Seine as it meanders its way to the sea.

With just a few short rest stops along the way to grab some refreshments and make any necessary repairs to bikes and bodies, the team will push through the estimated 18-hour ride reaching the port of Le Havre in the middle of the night.

After a short rest stop, the team will embark on what is set to be the longest and most challenging section of the journey. After little or no sleep, the team takes to the seas in a wooden rowing boat, braving tides, sea sickness, blisters and strong winds to row the 160 kilometres across the channel to Brighton. A 2 hour on 2 hours off relay format enables the boat to keep moving at all times but means that, for around 40 hours, team members will have just 2 hours at a time to change out of wet clothes, grab some sustenance and a few moments sleep before getting back in the rowing boat for their next 2 hour rowing shift.

The final leg of the journey starts at Brighton Marina and takes the team on a 100 kilometre, 24-hour trek to London, navigating all sorts of terrain including fields, canal tow paths, walking paths and busy roads, facing many of these obstacles during night time hours.

This last big push to London comes after already travelling around 482 kilometres, deprived of sleep, and pushing bodies and minds to the limit!

28th – 31st May 2018 Paris to London
Cycle – 270 kms / 18 hours
Row – 160 kms / 40 hours
Walk – 100 kms / 24 hours


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