When life is short, every moment counts, your fundraising and donations make this possible. Here’s how:

Music makers - £20

Music is a great healer and can uplift the soul. Our one-to-one music sessions are a real hit with children of all abilities.

Where Your Money Goes - Music Makers


Nursing Care - £3,200

For families, being able to come to The Donna Louise surrounded by people in whom they have faith, trust, and professional friendships enables them to simply concentrate on being a family. But it's not just about the day-to-day care our nurses provide – administering medications, giving feeds and managing symptoms – they are so much more. The one-to-one care they offer the child also allows their parents to take a break, relax and re-fuel, and to meet others in similar situations in what, at times, can seem a ‘lonely’ journey. A pledge of £3,200 could sponsor a month of care by one of our nurses.

Where Your Money Goes - Nursery Care


Art as Therapy - £30

Art therapy is an important outlet offered to all families who spend time at The Donna Louise. It's a way for the children, young adults, siblings and parents to express their feelings in a creative way. A pledge of £30 would pay for an art therapy session with our counsellor and give someone the chance to create a meaningful work of art.


24 hour respite stay - £1,300

Whether it’s making music, playing games, meeting a counsellor or socialising with friends, the focus is on relaxing, having fun and making the most of life. Respite stays give families the chance to recharge their batteries in our home away from home.


Feed a family member - £10

Families that come to The Donna Louise often say it's like a “home from home”. That's thanks to people like you because your support means that families can relax and have a break from cooking while they're here. There's always a home-cooked meal available for all the family and pledge of £10 would pay for a meal for a child or young person, or their mum, dad, brother or sister for a day.


Playtime - £450

Play is really important for all kids, and the children who spend time at The Donna Louise are no different. They love nothing more than gluing and sticking and there's always plenty of paint and glitter to go around. There’s always a great range of fun activities to keep the children, and their brothers and sisters, entertained while they're here; regardless of age and physical ability. For £450 you could sponsor play activities for a week and bring a smile to loads of (messy) faces.

Where Your Money Goes - Playtime


Counselling Sessions - £730

Whether it's a child who's lost a brother or sister, a young adult with something they need to share, or a mum who just needs to let off some steam, our counsellors are always here to listen. A pledge of £730 would sponsor counselling sessions for a week and give our families the security blanket of knowing there's always someone to talk to.