As Managing Director of Now U Know Training (NUK Training), Heather Broadhurst is responsible for the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and charity partnerships. It is important to them to support local a local charity.

Why did NUK Training decide to support The Donna Louise?

As a business we made a decision to support local charities and The Donna Louise is very close to our hearts because it supports children in our local community. When I joined NUK Training I came to visit the hospice and I was blown-away by the children, the staff and the atmosphere. It felt so happy and such a lovely place to be, not at all what I expected! I knew then that as a business we must do everything we can to help.


How have you supported the hospice?

We sell on-line training courses at £20 of which we donate £2.50 to The Donna Louise. We operate nationally and so this also helps to raise the profile of the hospice however not all of our clientele will have a such a connection to The Donna Louise if they are not in the area. So at Christmas we held an event at Staffordshire University, we invited all our customers and suppliers for mulled wine and mince pies and held a raffle, from this we were able to donate £590. This proved really popular and we will be making this an annual event. We are taking part on the Enterprise Challenge and also Emergency Services Day. When I attend business networking events I ensure that I take literature about the hospice, and collection tins. It’s important to remember that you can support the charity in lots of ways, and that it’s not just about raising money, we also volunteer at events and try to raise awareness of The Donna Louise as often we can, we re-tweet and share social media posts with our contacts.


How did you get employees engaged and switched on to fundraising for The Donna Louise?

After my visit to the hospice, I think my enthusiasm spoke volumes and the team were completely on-board!


What’s your “Top-Tip” for fundraising success?

Engage with your regional fundraiser, they are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the hospice. They are great for giving us ideas and are very supportive.