We see superheroes every day – from our super-brave children to our cool teens, our Wonder Woman mums, and our dads as protective as Batman. Every day they show us a strength we didn’t think possible. But every superhero needs a sidekick – and your business could be it.

Our business partnership programme is aimed at forming long-term relationships with you and your business - working together to identify, develop and implement a partnership that’s perfect for you.

We’re passionate about building partnerships that are unique and engaging, and that plug into your business’s goals and Corporate Social Responsibility. Whether it’s holding an event, staff fundraising, commercial opportunities, or volunteering, our team will work closely with you and your staff to provide regular updates, engagement and on-going inspiration.

You and your business will play a part in making a difference to some really cool kids, teens and young adults. We promise you, this will be your most exciting superhero mission yet!

After all, heroes are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

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