Keep it legal and safe...

What is a Donna Louise Fundraiser?

A fundraiser is someone who raises money for The Donna Louise. As a fundraiser you’re raising money to change the lives of seriously ill children, young adults and their families. We’ll help you along the way, but we ask you to take responsibility for your own events and activities. It’s also important that you’re open, honest and transparent. Please let us know if you need any help!


To hold a raffle without a licence, tickets must be sold and winners announced during the event. You should always make it clear who’s running the raffle, sell all the tickets for the same price and don’t allow discounts for bulk buys. Tickets should not be bought or sold by anyone under the age of 16. You can read the full rules and regulations at 

Public collections

Written permission from the owner is usually required when you collect on public property e.g. a pub or in a supermarket. Lots of large shops may have internal procedures which you would need to follow. To find out if this is the case you should contact the store directly. You will need to apply for a licence when you collect on council land e.g. street collection. Make sure you apply in plenty of time and check the maximum number of collections you can have. If you would like us to issue you with buckets, please show us a copy of your licence or permission letter.

Insurance and Liability

You may need to take out insurance for your fundraising event including Public Liability cover or insurance against theft, damage to property or for value equipment. Check to what extent the venue has insurance to cover your event. The Donna Louise does not take out insurance to cover the events of volunteer fundraisers. The responsibility for the activity lies with you and The Donna Louise cannot accept liability for your event, nor for anyone who participates in it.

Health and Safety

You should carry out your own risk assessment to ensure that you have properly addressed any hazards at your event. Ensure that you have first aid cover with trained volunteers/professional if applicable. A copy of your risk assessment should be available on the day of your event. Don’t forget to inform the police and council if your event is in a public place. For more information visit 

Gift Aid

You can ask people who are sponsoring you if they would like to Gift Aid their donation. Just tick the relevant box on your sponsorship form with details of their home address and, as long as they meet the criteria, it will enable us to claim back 25p for every £1 they donate from the government and increase the overall benefit to the charity. This is at no extra cost to them or you and is a great way of boosting how much you raise! Gift Aid can only be claimed on donations and individual sponsorship, NOT entrance fees.


If children are attending your event please consider their safety and your protection. Encourage parents to attend with their children, make arrangements to deal with lost children and do not take photos of children without their parents’ permission. You should request copies of DBS checks from suppliers such as children’s entertainers and not allow children to enter games where the prizes include alcohol.

Alcohol and Food

If you plan to sell alcohol at your event in a venue which is not already licenced, you will need to arrange an alcohol licence. For more information, just contact your local council for advice. If you are serving food in a public area you may need a licence and you should get copies of food hygiene certificates from caterers. Visit the Food Standards Agency website for more information