Regardless of age or ability, having fun is an important part of life at The Donna Louise.

Belly laughs and best friends, glitter and sparkle, XBox and drums are all part of everyday life at The Donna Louise. The opportunities to have fun are endless and each activity is individually tailored to the needs, interests and abilities of each child or young adult.

Our play team ensures that there are always lots of fun things to do, whether it’s one-to-one or a in a group. Play sessions can also get very messy and usually involve plenty of paint, glue and glitter.

A typical play session at The Donna Louise may include:

  • Sensory equipment such as bubble tubes, ultra violet light and fibre optics.
  • Story time using sensory story sacks, tactile toys and music.
  • Messy play with spaghetti, gloop, shaving foam and jelly.
  • Technology such as computers and games consoles.

As part of bringing fun into The Donna Louise, we also offer music for all our children. Our special music room allows all our children and young adults to enjoy and experience music. There is a whole range of traditional muscial instruments to play with - one of the most popular is of course the drum kit!

In addition, there is also a range of specialist interactive equipment which allows children and young adults to feel, or see, music with a sensory board to feel vibrations and computer software which converts notes into colours and pictures.

Music is used in a number of ways for our children and young adults, from fun and relaxation, to acting as a distraction if a child is upset or can't settle. We offer music on an individual basis and also as a group activity led by our 'Music Man' Phil.

“Sometimes I have to talk to the nursing team about something medical or serious, but there’s always someone to entertain the boys whether it’s in the computer room, on the x-box or wii, or on the interactive play mat. Just having another pair of hands is unbelievably helpful.”